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Institute of Technology Futures

Board of directors

Prof. Dr. Markus Lehmkuhl (Institute of Science Communication)

Prof. Dr. Marcus Popplow (Institute of History)

Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel (Institute of Philosophy)



Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel


Managing Director

Dr. Alexandra Hausstein

Institute of Technology Futures
Douglasstraße 24, 3rd Floor
Room: 405
D-76133 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49 721 608-42045
alexandra haussteinWqq8∂kit edu




The Institute of Technology Futures combines the Institute of History and the Institute of Philosophy and includes research and teaching in both institutes. Furthermore, the Institute of Technology Futures serves as a platform for reflections in the social sciences and humanities about the interrelatedness of humans, technology and environment. Hence, the institute serves also as a cooperation partner for natural, engineering and technical sciences at KIT, especially in the fields of climate, environment, energy, and mobility.

Current research focusses on

  • Development of methods and tools for the analysis of technology
  • Analysis of metaphors and models
  • Discourse analysis and argumentation analysis
  • Time concepts and temporal modality
  • The future as a controversial sphere of design
  • Strategies for dealing with future risks