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Institute of Technology Futures

Board of directors

Prof. Dr. Markus Lehmkuhl (Institute of Science Communication)

Prof. Dr. Marcus Popplow (Institute of History)

Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel (Institute of Philosophy)



Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel


Managing Director

Dr. Alexandra Hausstein

Institute of Technology Futures
Douglasstraße 24, 3rd Floor
Room: 405
D-76133 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49 721 608-42045
alexandra haussteinJnb5∂kit edu




Publications (Selections)

Joint publications of ITZ researchers are published in the series Karlsruher Studien Technik & Kultur (Karlsruhe Studies Technology & Culture) of KIT Scientific Publishing (ISSN 1869-7194), ed .: G. Banse, A. Böhn, A. Grunwald, K. Möser, M. Pfadenhauer.






ALEXANDRA HAUSSTEIN, CHUNRONG ZHENG (eds.) Industrie 4.0 / Made in China 2025 - Gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Digitalisierung in Deutschland und China (Karlsruher Studien Technik und Kultur, 10), KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2018, Link to the KIT-Library 


Germany and China are facing the same challenges of digital transformation. An assessment of the possible social consequences is only just beginning, and thus the knowledge about risks, implications and change, which on the one hand could increase adaptive capacities, on the other hand could support political regulations is still expandable. The present volume wants to make a start and explore new perspectives on Industry 4.0/Made in China 2025 from the Social Science/Humanities point of view.



ARMIN GRUNWALD (ed.) Technikzukünfte als Medium von Zukunftsdebatten und Technikgestaltung/ Technology Futures as a medium of debates about the future and technology design (Karlsruher Studien Technik und Kultur; 6), KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2012, Link to the KIT-Library  



Technology Futures (plural is program!) represent important and often controversial issues of social debates about the future. This book explores the question how technology-related visions of the future influence our current discussions and decisions and how they can be used for further development of the scientific and technological environment. 




ANDREAS BÖHN, KURT MÖSER (eds.) Techniknostalgie und Retrotechnologie/Technology Nostalgia and retro Technology (Karlsruher Studien Technik und Kultur; 2), KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2010, Link to the KIT Library 



Nostalgia has been regarded as a general cultural phenomenon, but hardly in its relation to technological development. Apart from articles on the relevance of old technologies, this volume contains investigations on three technical fields: mobility (car and train), architecture and urban development (real and virtual retro-spaces, historisms in construction and design, as well as post-apocalyptic nostalgic utopias) and technical media (photography, film and video games).





GERHARD BANSE, ARMIN GRUNWALD (ed.) Technik und Kultur. Bedingungs- und Beeinflussungsverhältnisse/ Technology and Culture. Relations of Control and Influence (Karlsruher Studien Technik und Kultur, 1), KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2010, Link to the KIT-Library 



The publication first approaches general Definitions of „technology“ and „culture“ as well as their interdependency, which is followed by contributions representing the interweaving of technology and culture in specific areas or examples. Together with the completing bibliography, this volume shows „coordinates of debate“ which are characterized in more detail in following publications of this series.




Other publications in this series:

Vol. 3: Sustainable Development - Relationships to Culture, Knowledge and Ethics. Ed.: Oliver Parodi, Ignacio Ayestaran u. Gerhard Banse 2011.

Vol. 4: Technikfiktionen und Technikdiskurse. Ed.: Simone Finkele u. Burkhardt Krause 2012. (Technology Fictions and Technology Discussions)

Vol. 5: Techniken der Zugehörigkeit. Ed.: Paul Eisewicht, Tilo Grenz, Michaela Pfadenhauer 2012. (Technologies of Affinity)

Vol. 7: Close Readings - Kulturgeschichtliche Interpretationen zu Bildern der wissenschaftlich-technischen Zivilisation. Ed.: Rolf-Ulrich Kunze 2014. (Cultural History: Interpretation to Images of the scientific and technological Civilisation.)